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Italy. Class of 1980. Nourishing a deep passion for music since very young ; Andrea Fiorito’s passion has transformed into a prolific dj/producer career. Well respected in Italy, Germany and other European countries, for Andrea Fiorito the sky is the limit. His organic yet minimal approach to dance music has landed him many residencies at some of South Italy’s, Greece and Berlin’s most important nightclubs. Currently an active protagonist at Watergate (Berlin), Guendalina (Italy) and Bar 25 (Berlin). Since 2002, working exclusively with The Flame Agency, known as a reference crew for Italy in the field of vanguard music for clubs within Europe. The Flame Recordings was one of the first italian labels found online, collecting optimal results from sales in 2006 and 2007. An active collaborator of Matt Shannon’s Cynosure label, his most recent release, “Moderato Mistico EP” (Cat. CYN031) is being supported by top-leading techno, minimal and house djs throughout the world. In the summer of 2009, world renowned music label, Get Physical signed one of his tracks “It Must Be Love (To My Friend Tommy Lopez DJ)” to their, “Full Body Workout Vol. 5” receiving much attention from djs and music connoisseurs throughout the world. He currently resides in Berlin where he currently lives and produces. For Andrea Fiorito, this is only the beginning.

Catch Andrea djing live at the upcoming Bermuda Festival in Berlin.

Watergate Berlin
Friday 18.September.2009
Cynosure V.S. Wagon Repair
Feat. Andrea Fiorito, Konrad Black, Mike Shannon, Seth Troxler, Ernesto Ferreyra & Cobblestone Jazz….


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