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Artist: Daniel Cantisani
Title: From The Top Of The World
Date: Jan 10th 2010
Time: 58:15
Genre: Techno, House, Minimal.

ATTENTION: This music is meant for listening in HQ LOUDSPEAKERS.

This here is a special one for you techno lovers. Back from the dead, rising from St Moritz’s own Dracula Club, Cantisani brings to us his latest set. Energetic, head-banger, bouncy and funky as ever! From the Drac’s HQ room at the Kulm Hotel, after 12 amazing days of bobsledging, skiing, melting the hockey ring, and Dracula-style New Years celebrations, “Canti” finally managed to finish his first set of 2010 before retreating to his bat cave for hibernation. This is a set dedicated to all his friends and colleagues, to his Royal Dance partner Nikko, his Deaf Co partner Chapa, to all my friends that I’ve made in St Moritz (you know who) and to ALL the people that are in any way part of the Dracula Family. On behalf of Daniel Cantisani, we wish you all a happy and prosperous 2010!! ENJOY!!

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