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January 23rd 2010 – February 28th 2010

featuring work by,

Martin Andersen (Denmark)
Daniel Castro (Mexico)
Giovanni Cervantes (Mexico)
Toni Francois (Mexico)
Richard Garet (Uruguay/USA)
Debra Holt (USA)
Stephan Jacobs (USA)
Damon Loble (USA)


FIFI projects New York presents Ends With The Sea, the first exhibit of 2010.

The show, incorporating photography, sound and video, focuses on maritime
themes of evanescent presence and fleeting moments.

The cinematic images by Damon Loble and Debra Holt are details from
a larger story, depicting characters and natural phenomena in a state of
exertion, while the photographs by Toni Francois capture natural landscapes
apparently affected by an unknown compulsion.

Martin Andersen’s structures and patterns could well describe the
systems of romance in a binary-like state of decomposition and Daniel Castro’s
video “Solaris” produced in the South Pole serves as a document of the mystical
aspects of nature within the grandiose.

The work of Stephan Jacobs documents Second World War bunkers in Europe
in their current state, and chronicles the way these structures have been assimilated
by their surroundings; yet at the same time shows them as monolithic, ceremonial headstones
that both remind of a harrowing past, but somehow also seem to predict an ominous future.
The almost technology-like structures peek back through moss and forests, seemingly
communicating a foreboding, impending cataclysm.

New FIFI projects artist Richard Garet’s work over the last several years has focused on the
investigation of aural phenomena, environments, spatial listening using and interpreting structure;
both natural and artificially evolving processes, functions, possibilities, andmateriality.

This has lead to explorations in acoustics, psychoacoustics, binaural beats, and diverse methods of recordingsound through the application of systems and strategies, which have served as
the fundamental departure towards achieving his sound pieces.


Music: Mr. Ted (Original Mix) – Nikko Gibler – Courtesy of Friendli Music – @2009 – FriendliMusic.com


FIFI projects
29 Essex St.
New York, NY


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