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I’ve been back in Monterrey (My home town) for several days now. At first, before taking the AA plane that brought me here, I felt two things. Fear and Skepticism.  On one hand, I was very worried about coming back to what is now considered one of the most dangerous places on earth. But at the same time, I thought… Well… How bad can it really be? You know? You never really think things are as bad as people tell you… So let me just say this….

It’s bad. Real bad. Not particularly graphic (at least for me so far) but really sketchy, shady, creepy and scary. 10 years ago, you wouldn’t hear of anyone getting pick-pocketed or car-jacked. Now you hear about decapitated bodies, corrupt officials, shootings outside private elementary schools and dozens of murders per week. It’s really sad. The place I grew up in (which was once considered the SAFEST in the country) has now been tarnished in every way imaginable and so many people are leaving. The city was left in ruins after hurricane Alex pretty much destroyed everything in it’s path. Seems like if a huge bomb had gone off. The way i see it is… If a year ago, there was insecurity and crime, now, it is a freakin’ war zone. You barely see any cars out in the street after midnight. Most of them are police cars, patrolling their way around residential areas.

Business are closing down… The real estate market is lower than ever… Nightclubs have 30% of the customers they had before… But… CASINOS are doing great… What does that tell you? It’s obvious that whoever is behind all of this organized crime, is laundering their money through new, multi-million dollar casinos. Today I counted 5 new ones only on ONE street.

The worst thing is that… The coward that is the Governor of our State of Nuevo Leon, Gov. Rodrigo Medina, lives in McAllen, Texas. Yes. You heard it right… The chicken-shit rides a helicopter from Texas to Monterrey every day. Using the people’s tax money. How does an elected head of state live in another country during his term?

I am happy I got to see what everyone was talking about with my own eyes but I am soooo happy I’m leaving on Monday. God Bless America.

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