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Synthesizer Galore - Moroder, Reznor, Hancock, Kraftwerk...

The following artists are 7 of my favorite synthesists ever. Synthesizers are machines made with the sole purpose of creating weird, crazy, angry, tiny, huge or lovely sounds . When these sounds are recorded into a multi-track medium, the results can be mind blowing. Synthesists are people who dedicate their lives to innovating and coming up with new and ground-breaking soundscapes or riffs and combinations of them. I have included a selected works playlist below. Feel free to listen and comment! (In No Particular Order)

1 •  Giorgio Moroder

2 •  Herbie Hancock

3 •  Kraftwerk

4 •  Klaus Schulze

5 •  Trent Reznor

6 •  Walter “Wendy” Carlos

7 •  Jean-Jacques Perrey

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