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Disco and Synth Pop Songs

I really love Thursdays. It is the day when I usually like to post the playlists I make, usually covering specific subjects; and today you’re in for a real treat!  I’ve been using things like Grooveshark and LastFM and Pandora lately and I’ve been stumbling upon (no pun intended) tons of really cool songs from the early golden ages of synth pop / discofunk. These need to be re-presented to the younger generations on the internet today. This is music from an era when there was no massive use of MIDI, quantization, autotune or anything of the sort. Grooves, soul, harmony, melody, lyrics… Real songs rather than beats or tracks. What happened to the golden days of music production when it was strictly about talent? Many of these songs I had heard before, several I didn’t know existed. The question is…. Which ones do you like?

The playlist includes tracks by artists like Midnight Star, Dazz Band, Chaka Khan, Cameo, Michael Jackson, Skyy, Sheila E, Thomas Dolby, Con Funk Shun, Ronnie Hudson, Slave, Prince and more…Click on either the image above or the image below (instructions) to stream the playlist on your browser immediately. No hazzle. I promise.

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