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Who is Dance Spirit?

I listened to a great new song today. It is a track on Riff Raff’s most recent compilation, “Animal Behavior Compilation Vol. 1”

While all of the music on the album is really great, one song has really caught my attention. Dance Spirit’s “Flamingo Paint” is killer and is prone to be a worldwide “insta-hit”. I also read an update on their page that says that they are working on something for Lazaro Casanova’s label petFood. Which is cool because I’m releasing on petFood next month as well. So I’m guessing we know many of the same people and a collaboration or remix could be possible if only I knew who to address. lol

Oddly enough, his or their “Dance Spirit” page has only got 35 likes, and its member’s area has been left anonymous. Here lies the mystery… Who is behind the controls here? Could this be someone who’s music we are already familiar with?? Reveal yourself!! Let’s jam!!!

In the meantime, I suggest you all to go to Beatport and download “Flamingo Paint”. Or click on the image above and visit Dance Spirit’s official website.


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