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Wow. He knew exactly what he was doing since then. Where they are now, was always a part of his original plan. It’s unbelievable. Some call it hard work. Some call it intelligence. Some call it innovation. Some call it evolution. I call it… Magic.

Steve Jobs helped me all throughout my life. Ever since my parents got me my very first Macintosh Classic; to any time when I ever wanted to make music, or listen to it on the go while I checked my email. 

The iMacs during high school, my endless powerbooks and macbooks, the quadra, LCII, PowerMac Towers, Performa computer labs at ASFM and all of my father’s computers…. Unbelievable.

Thinking back on the impact Steve Job’s had on my life and so many other people’s lives, is like trying to think back about something that is not yet behind us. You see…His impact is forever. His vision and his determination to create amazing artifacts that promoted forward thinking will continue enriching humanity way past our lifetime.

For changing my life and the life of so many others like me…. I remember you Steve Jobs. Your genius will be missed dearly. Thanks to you I do “Think Differently”

STEVE JOBS 1955-2011

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