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Try to find it. =) (It’s a very simple mistake but I find it amusing to know that one of the world’s leading authorities in news, would allow a typo long enough for me to notice it and even blog about it. lol.)

Thank you for the support guys!!!

SnB Halloween 2011

Children and Monsters,

Playtime is finally here! Make up and dress up for HALLOWEEN, on Sunday October 30th, Sheik ‘n’ Beik will keep you dancing and crawling on walls all day and night leading into Monday 31st.

For all you superstitious souls out there, join the 13 hour decapitation at our favorite haunted venue, Tammany Hall. The gates will open at 3PM on Sunday and close at 4AM on Monday morning.

For our 4th Halloween, we’ve decided to bring together our family and extended family who’ve been with us at some point or another over the last year. We have a very SPECIAL treat for all with the first LIVE set by FoNG since 1999 and his breakthrough years in the Dominican Republic.

*The rest of the crew will be joining us from all over the planet.*


Los Angeles’, Nikko Gibler with hot new releases on Culprit, Left’d and PetFood

Andre Buljat & Mirus representing 4line records from Barcelona. 

Sheik ‘n’ Beik regulars Pierre Dousse from Geneva Switzerland, RomainviLLe from Gainsville Florida, Varick from Amsterdam, and Xander & Jeffrey Scott from NYC. 

Other NYC warriors joining us for the blood bath will be Sleep Is So Commercial’s Cem & Rg, Mr. O’Neil, MNMLKTCHN’s Daniel Dominguez, The Low Pitch Orchestra and finally for his NYC debut, the violator himself, Ice Pick Paul from Protect Yourself Recordings. 

Last but not least Julio will be sure to keep you entertained all day/night.

Lighting up the walls will be James Barnes from Waking Dream.


Don’t forget to bring ID’s.


Door: $20 (3-5PM), $30 later.

“Above The City” … Culprit’s most recent release has made it onto Beatport’s Top 100 Releases. The release includes songs by Nico Lahs, Lula Circus, Mark Chambers & Soho, Death on The Balcony, Clovis, Anthony Collins, Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss and Nikko Gibler (your’s truly). Please visit Beatport and support us by buying your favorite track off the compilation today. Heck! Ya’ might as well buy the whole album… You know you’re gonna LOVE it.

Listen to previews from the album on the Beatport player below.

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Here’s my take on this whole thing:

I think a comedy show is a comedy show and if you argue with a comedian, the comedian might say things you don’t like. Even if he doesn’t particularly believe what he is saying. Why? Cause he does it for a living. He’s fast on his feet and quick with words. He’ll humiliate you with a joke that’ll be dressed up as an insult and he’ll make it his mission to make people laugh at you and then… You’ll get angry. And you’ll accuse him of racism or some other societal tabu. Only as a desperate measure to get the “crowd” his “fans” on your side… Bullshit. There’s real life and there’s stage life. Anyone with a little bit of media coverage or stage time will tell you that. Specially in comedy. Tons of comedians have made careers out of making fun of the differences between minorities. I’m not saying it’s good or bad…. But….

You ask, “Why does it work?” and the answer is simple…

Because people buy the tickets. People buy the DVDs. People stream the videos on Netflix. That’s America. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

I was born in Mexico and I take no offense by what he said. In fact, I personally think he never stops being funny during the course of the video. But that’s just my personal opinion.