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Very cool review of one of my upcoming releases. Click on the DjFORUM image above to read the article. Thanx!

Nikko Gibler wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

Last year I posted my thank you’s of the year….I want to take this moment to once again thank all of the very special people in my life. There are some new additions this year!

• Laura My Love… There’s nothing I can say that could sum up how grateful I am to have you by my side….

• My wonderful Parents… For making sure I was a man of good and giving me a home full of love to grow up in…

• Alex, Iñigo, Piggy and Andrea… for being like a second family to me….

• Marcelo Arredondo & Family… for being the best brotha from a different motha… I could’ve ever found.

• Gerardo Chapa & Daniel Cantisani…. For being my crazy brothers and partners in crime.

• Julio Santo Domingo…. For believing in magic and pushing it to the limit…

• Ferruko Perez-Salinas & Family… For showing me total affection and that everything is possible if you dream and work hard.

• Jo Little & Mickey Curbishley…. For always taking care of me when I most need it… My honorary Mom n’ Pops.

• Nima Bararsani & Family… For being the best new friend I’ve made in 16 years and showing me that it’s NOT all about techno.

• Diego Martinelli, Gil Montiel, Fidel Hoyos & Mavv Vidal… For their unbelievable hospitality and their effort to push me in the best direction always…

• Andrei Osyka, Jen Woodward & Droogs + Clovis… For always being so amazing and courteous with me and Laura…

• Damian Lazarus & MarciaFor your wonderful hospitality and your insatiable desire to keep your friends warm and welcome.

• Lee Curtiss… For being so cool and wise and curious enough to make experimental music with me…

• Matt Tolfrey… For giving my music a shot.

• Andrea Fiorito… For being my best friend overseas and an amazing positive force in my life.

• Mikael Stavostrand & Michelle Meekins… for opening the doors to their place to us and being such a nice, real, friendly, interesting couple.

• Luis Ramos… For taking my picture one too many times.

• Isaac Garza and Mrs…. For giving us the chance to see how your beautiful baby girl grows every day!

• Jeff & Sylvana… For being the funniest most hysterically hillarious couple in history…

• Rachele and Hugo…. For taking me out and being my best friends in Bari when I most needed them.

• Andres Javelly “El Cubano”… For the truth.    East LOS for LiFE Homey.

• Marakaz… For your support and good wishes.

• Jesus Warr… For your camaraderie and support always.

• My Mandey Night Friends (Alito, Tavito, Georgie, Laly, La Negra) Whom I miss dearly and football isn’t the same without.

• My Inlaws, Vitorio & Lizia for allowing me to kidnap their baby and  putting up with me and my dirty Mexican habits.

• My sister in law, Chiara for being herself and telling me things like she sees them….

• All of my family…. (Carlos, Gaby, Richard, Laura, Juan Carlos, Mariana, Maria Jose, Ricky, Isabel, Grandpa, Grandma, Mom & Dad) For always being available when I need them and loving me in the distance enough for me to feel it even on a cold night…

• Last and certainly not least… All of you, the fans. Thank you for listening, appreciating, downloading, supporting, going to the parties, sharing and spreading the word and passion for quality music. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Could never say it enough!

• I am terribly sorry if I left people out, but I can only write so much per post before my head starts malfunctioning! =) I thank everyone of you for being my friend and or colleague.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you very much guys. Hope to see you all very soon! Have a fantastic 2011.

Keep up the good vibes let’s see what the future holds for every one of us.


A beautifully crafted album by an artist that is quite new to me. Sufjan Steven’s new album, “The Age of Adz” gave me hope. How? Well…. It’s hard to put in words, but here it goes… I know many of my friends have been following his work for several years now, but I was just recently introduced to it. I am very proud to hear someone creating trippy, ethereal and truly original material is getting the recognition he deserves. It gives hope to all of the really talented musical lunatics out there who are coming up with mind-blowing and groundbreaking auditive experiences. I just can’t stop listening.

You can listen to the complete album…


Remember to buy it if you like it.

You spend your life believing or thinking that you know yourself completely. Only to wake up one day and realizing that you are not in control of your own life and you don’t understand half of the things that are going on around you. People tend to idealize themselves rather than accepting who they really are. I guess that’s fine if it works for them..

Some other “lucky” people have a tougher road to travel. When you know exactly who you are, where you are coming from and where you’re going… you would think things would be easier, but it’s quite the contrary…. Life is harder, because only YOU and YOU only, can see that truth or ultimate destination of your plans. You may have the clearest idea of your life’s direction, but other people, usually people who love you, won’t share this clear vision. Even if they are  completely involved in your life plan. It can get very frustrating when you think someone who loves you will understand, and you inevitably reach the conclusion that NO ONE understands. Right? Right. That doesn’t mean you will desist from doing things the way you do them or trying to reach your goals, or that you will love them any less, it just means that every now and then, you’ll stop in your path, breathe deeply, gathering up extra courage to continue, and then once again you’ll realize, regardless of how in LOVE you are, that we were born alone, and we die alone. So that has to mean that even when in a couple, with kids, with a happy life and a succesful career, you LIVE alone. Kinda sad…. But true.