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Synthesizer Galore - Moroder, Reznor, Hancock, Kraftwerk...

The following artists are 7 of my favorite synthesists ever. Synthesizers are machines made with the sole purpose of creating weird, crazy, angry, tiny, huge or lovely sounds . When these sounds are recorded into a multi-track medium, the results can be mind blowing. Synthesists are people who dedicate their lives to innovating and coming up with new and ground-breaking soundscapes or riffs and combinations of them. I have included a selected works playlist below. Feel free to listen and comment! (In No Particular Order)

1 •  Giorgio Moroder

2 •  Herbie Hancock

3 •  Kraftwerk

4 •  Klaus Schulze

5 •  Trent Reznor

6 •  Walter “Wendy” Carlos

7 •  Jean-Jacques Perrey

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Last night I was invited to play a jam session in North Hills, CA. The jam was hosted by Sticks and featured Delta Wave & Guests. This is a clip shot by “El Nocivo” during an improvized interlude I just happened to come up with. Enjoy!

Wagon Repair - Modern Deep Left Quartet - Art by Frank Meyerhofer

Canadian ran, Berlin techno label, Wagon Repair was just awarded with the “Best Original Album Artwork” by All About Jazz Magazine. The album is by Cobblestone Jazz’ (one of label boss’ Mathew Jonson’s side projects) and it is titled “Modern Deep Left Quartet”. The cover art was made by my good friend and stylist, Frank Meyerhofer. Amazing work Frankie! Congratulations!


Hurt - Nikko Gibler - Feature

Digital Press Review

Hurt - Nikko Gibler - Digital Press Review

Blog Feature

I recently found out that my version of Nine Inch Nails‘ “Hurt” was recently featured on two different blogs. Here are both the links to the original posts and the snapshots I took of the two features so far. Have a great day!

Ohhh and remember tomorrow I’m playing a show with Delta Wave at the world famous, “Viper Room” on the Sunset Strip. Tickets can be obtained by clicking the ticket below.

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Rock and Roll

See ya’ there!!!

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