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Nikko Gibler @McAllen 2013

As you may have heard a few weeks ago; John Digweed announced his Bedrock 14 mix and decided to use a song produced by Maher Daniel and myself. Well fellas’… The day is finally here. It is officially OUT and up for grabs. Hurry on to Beatport and get it while it’s hot!

Click on the artwork above or HERE to listen.


Supported by Sasha, Gregor Tresher, James Zabiela, John Digweed, Monika Kruze, Ivan Smagghe, Laurent Garnier, Paul Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo, Tiger Stripes, Anthony Pappa, Stephan Bodzin, Nick Warren, Chris Fortier, Dave Seaman, Terry Francis, D-NOX, Tiefschwarz, Umek, Pascal FEOS, Pig & Dan, John Selway, Mark Knight and many more…

We at Dieb Audio often pride ourselves on putting together top class, star studded packages and this, our latest from Mexican production outfit Royal Dance (Gibler+Cantisani) alongside studio partner Leo Leal, is no exception. In fact, we’ve considerably upped the ante and made it a fully international affair roping in a Brit and a Finn based in Berlin and an Armenian with Turkish roots currently subsiding in Canada to reinterpret the Central Americans’ work. In simpler terms (and for those with less interest in the heritage and geographical whereabouts of our producers and remixers) we have King Roc, Sasse and Arthur Oskan contributing their inimitable studio expertise on our latest and greatest… There is a wide variety of mixes on offer here, sure to find favor with a diverse spectrum of listener and/or DJ-from the dense, intricate melodic excursions of the original, to the stripped down, atmospheric and haunting Sasse mix and from the Detroit-esque deep techiness of Arthur Oskan through to King Roc’s new school tribal-tech workout!

Another lovingly and meticulously crafted Dieb Audio record-we hope you enjoy!


* John Digweed: good stuff

* D-Nox: full support on the original mix. have used it in my current radioshow! special music for special moments!

* Laurent Garnier: love the original mix and the Sasse mix will play that for sure

* Tiger Stripes: The two original tracks works best for me.

* Paul Oakenfold: Love the dark moody atmosphere in the original.

* Terry Francis (Fabric): like the sasse remix closely followed be original mix of train. very good

* Dave Seaman: Love the original and Sasse mix is wicked too. Definite mix comp material.

* Gregor Tresher: excellent package

* Mark Knight: NICE AND DEEPP WICKED!!!!!

* Umek: nice one

* Chris Fortier: very good all around

* Hernan Cattaneo: very good stuff

* Jeff Bennett: very good groove, original going into my playbox!

* Dopamine: The original of Driven is just stunning!

* Matt Darey (Nocturnal): Original mix is very cool for Matt Darey’s Nocturnal

* Hybrid: Absolutely amazing tracks…..Love the Driven Original and the Sasse mix and the King Roc mix…… I can’t decide which one to play… Excellence

* Gabriel Ananda: train is my favorite. I like how it holds tension through. no unnessesary breaks and stuff. really cool. The other tracks are also nice, but not exactly what i play right now. thanks! gabriel

* Jamie Stevens (Infusion): Hooray! So happy this is coming out finally. King Roc did a superb job (as did all the rest) but the original is still a work of art to my ears.

* Florian Kruse (Dieb Audio / Urban Torque / Om Records): Leo Leal and Royal Dance did a fantastic job here. They build a nice groove and there is tension from the first to the last second. Sasse topped this for my taste and made a great deephouse remix. Again a very good release with versions for all heads in the electronic music scene.

* Tiefschwarz: nice release 😉 king roc rmx is the one for me.. thanks ali part of tiefschwarz

* Satoshi Tomiie: King Roc mix works for me

* Pig and Dan: Great vibe on the Arthur Oskan mix for afterhours

* Nick Warren: king roc and sasse both do the do

* Pascal FEOS: sasse Rmx is the one!

* Eelke Kleijn: Like the vibe in Sasse’s mix. Also quite fond of King Roc’s!

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