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Palosanto presents "Cliserio" (left) & "La Dona" (right)

Palosanto is a 100% Mexican furniture brand that uses Guanacaste (Huanacaxtle or Guanacaxtle), ebony and other exotic woods to manufacture beautifully crafted pieces of furniture.

Coming in different shapes and sizes, Palosanto’s pieces are characterized by remaining true to the trunks from which they were conceived and the brand’s clean-cut craft lines. The wood’s original essence and intact devine forms, textures and design make Palosanto’s pieces stand out in ways and forms that go from modern and classic to chic and contemporary; resulting in gorgeous, unique, undupliacatable and irreplaceable pieces of furniture.

This is why Palosanto has become synonymous with versatility, design, style and character.

For more info on purchasing Palosanto furniture in the US and abroad please contact:

Palosanto USA

No freeeeaaaaaagin’ way! I’m getting one of these. No doubt.

Pretty decent specs too…

What would be the first song you would play on the car’s stereo??

Click The Link on The Right, To Download DeLorean’s Official Specification PDF deloreanspecsheet

Left'd005 (Leftroom)

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Shadi Megallaa’s, “You Aint Dancin” in the hands of Nikko Gibler, bubbles and clicks with mechanical precision. The tight electronic funk here pushes against the trends of today’s floor and shows how Left’d as a label is open to any music with something to say. Five releases in and the 8 tracks on show again provide a snapshot of modern underground house music. From the super deep funked up core to the twisted outer limits, the label continues to break fresh talent and put a vibrant spin on todays dancefloors.

Also featuring tracks and remixes by Waifs & Strays, Geddes, John Johr, Mark Chambers, Rusty James, Christian Maiden, Maher Daniel, Jacksonville, Stojche, Matthew Burton, Nick Lawson.

Supported by: Droog, Luciano, Konrad Black, Terry Francis,  Xpress 2, Steve Lawler, Richie Hawtin, Nic Fanciulli, D’Julz, Maetrik & Alex Niggeman

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Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche has introduced their new 918 RSR at the 2011 North American International Auto Show held in Detroit, Michigan. It is a stripped-down, racing version of the already “dreamlisted” 918 Spyder. But here’s what’s really interesting about this model; Porsche has implemented KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) technology to augment the models 563 hp direct-injected V8 to 767 bhp for segments of 8 seconds. Wow! The way this works is the following…

Two 75-Kw electric motors are attached to the front wheels, these motors are fed via braking energy as angular momentum. This causes the car to have 8 seconds of peak acceleration. So in other words… it’s kind of like a video game. You fill your power bar and when it’s full, you release it to get an extra 200 hp. Neat right?

Will it start at any upcoming races? Porsche did not disclose this information.

Below is a video via Edmundsand some hi resolution images of both the 918 Spyder and 918 RSR. Use these as wallpapers or backgrounds. Enjoy! I’ll be writing more about this one soon.

Yellow Porsche 918 RSR Render
Porsche 918 RSR Blue
Porsche 918 RSR Red

Porsche 918 RSR Black

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Chinese Stealth Fighter / J-20
(Reuters) – China confirmed it held its first test-flight of a stealth fighter jet on Tuesday, a show of muscle during a visit by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates aimed at defusing military tensions between the two big powers.

Wow. So now we’re gonna show each other our guns and weapons to “difuse military tension” between countries? We’re just about out of ideas aren’t we? Ooooh! Big angry men with big fast destruction machines. That ough’ta bring peace to the world. Right. Where is Julian Assange when we need him exposing real stuff? Stuff that COULD help bring peace to hummanity… Oh right…. He was in court this morning in London still trying to clear his name after what was an obvious “smear campaign” by our own Government and CIA linked “rape” accusers. Big surprise.

Apparently U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that President Hu Jintao made it clear to him that such demonstration was not planned at all because of Mr. Gates’ visit to Chinese territory. The U.S. Defense Secretary confirmed his belief in China’s President’s statement by saying, “I asked President Hu about it directly, and he said that the test had absolutely nothing to do with my visit and had been a pre-planned test.”

Well, I, Nikko Gibler, have my doubts. But heck, at least NOW they’ve shown us something… Anyway…That could be just the tip of the iceberg. As far as we know… They could be mocking us by showing us only what they want us to see… In any case: I respect the engineering that goes into creating an aircraft of these dimensions and characteristics so here are some images of the plane for you to download and use.
Chinese Stealth Plane Bomber
2011 China Has A Stealth Hi Res