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Be sure to come hang out with us. Should be an amazing day.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new year for Harmonic. Los Angeles’s recent warm winter weather has offered up the likings of an off-season BASK party at The Standard rooftop in Downtown LA. Set to go off at a time while many may be returning battered from Playa del Carmen, Harmonic gives a valid reason to dance off the BPM Blues with two seriously talented up-and-coming musicians in the electronic music scene.

San Francisco producer DEAD SEAL brings a glimpse of real musicality to the underground tech house and house scene, something rarely experienced on the dance floor. Although versed in all the instruments found in his recordings, and owning a stage presence reminiscent of Iggy Pop, it’s his sense of bravado and daring that blurs the line between traditional live performance and the microprocessor obsessed futurism of the house scene. Recent releases and remixes on Crosstown Rebels, My Favorite Robot, and Items & Things have gotten him charted by Maceo Plex, Troy Pierce, Davide Squillace, and Alex Niggeman, as well as acclaimed reviews from DJ Mag, Ibiza-Voice, Data Transmission, and Gary Springs Hunting Club. Look forward to 2.5 hours of the future.

The next post-futuristic musician on the bill is LA’s own NIKKO GIBLER, one of the most “overall” musically gifted people in the industry. His proficiency in over 10 instruments, his ability to deliver perfectly-pitched vocals effortlessly, his profound connection with music and what we like to call “Constant Flawless Improvisation” on his main instrument, the piano, has quickly placed him as a highly sought-after studio asset within the who’s who of today’s most prolific and forward thinking artists, producers and djs. Nikko’ original music is extremely varied and timeless with extreme attention to detail. Particularly, focusing on the often-forgotten lyrics and harmonic/melodic progressions of our yesteryears; bringing back a certain classic charm to the scene. What he likes to call “Turning tracks into songs” has landed him multiple releases on Culprit, Leftroom, and Petfood, and a boatload more to be released in 2012.

Opening up this off-season offering will be Harmonic’s own DELINQUENT FREQUENCY, and Making Shapes founder, JENILUV.

The forecast is set for 70 degrees and mind-blowing, so come out early to enjoy the weather and sound, and receive free admission before 2pm ($10 after with RSVP to rsvpharmonic@gmail.com). 2012 will prove to me an incredible year for all, so treat yourself to some music from the future, and come celebrate under the sun during the “off season” with Harmonic!




Culprit LA "Above The City" - CP0VA001 - Out October 10th 2011

OUT OCTOBER 10th 2011

(Los Angeles) As announced last week, one of my tracks has been selected for Culprit’s upcoming various artist compilation “Above The City”.  Originally scheduled for release on Sept. 21st. I have been informed that the OFFICIAL release date will be October 10th 2011. The compilation features tracks by Clovis, Lula Circus, Death On The Balcony, Mark Chambers & Soho, Nico LahsSeth Troxler & Lee Curtiss, Anthony Collins and myself.

The compilation has been named “Above The City” in reference to Culprit’s notorious Standard Rooftop parties. Which by the way will be coming to an end (FOR THE SEASON) on October 2nd 2011. On decks and gear will be none others than Martin Buttrich (Desolat/Cocoon),  Jozif (Wolf+Lamb/Compost) and label-heads Droog (Culprit/Crosstown Rebels).

It will be epic. The last one with Curtiss and Tolfrey was insane… I blacked out…. I did not pass out…. I blacked out.

That’s what you get when you have more fun than you really should. That’s how good it was! lol =) So I hope to see everyone there again so we can get wwwwrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddd!

For more info about these amazing parties and all future releases, please visit Culprit LA‘s Facebook page by clicking HERE.


Culprit’s first Various Artists compilation has had a two-year genesis. “Above The City” is a meticulously assembled collection providing a sonic blueprint to a maturing label realizing its musical identity. Joined by the same idea and feeling are some of the most promising young producers around – from Los Angeles’ own Clovis and Nikko Gibler, Londoners Marc Chambers & Soho, Leeds’ rising stars Death on The Balcony through to the Italian contingent of Lula Circus and Nico Lahs, anchored by the experience of label old friends Lee Curtiss & Seth Troxler and Anthony Collins.

Deliberately released at the tail-end of the label’s summer rooftop party season, Culprit Sessions, this collection embodies the atmosphere of the imprint’s revered Sunday afternoon rooftop parties. A few golden hours of revelry, betwixt day and night, where friends, lovers and music take on ethereal warmth. The release of “Above The City” is a poignant conclusion to and celebration of Culprit’s most exciting party season to date.

“Above The City’s” track order is sequenced to provide a snapshot of an imagined Culprit Sessions soundtrack. A musical guide to the progression of a Sunday afternoon party, which starts out eclectic and jazzy, moves through to deep and dubby, before picking up energy as the dancefloor fills.

Culprit’s vibe is one that has resonated with producers around the world. Some are new to Culprit and have never traveled to LA, others have played Culprit’s parties and been frequent guests of the label. But all have taken inspiration from Culprit and channeled this in their own unique ways. The result is a compilation of tracks flush with individuality, that collectively evoke the close of a California summer.

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New Years Eve Los Angles 2011

The festivus maximus is looming large on the horizon, threatening to sweep all common sense, reasonable behavior and last year’s resolutions out the door. ‘Tis the season of a million parties and, seemingly, of a million dollars flying out of wallets in all directions. We at Culprit, along with our friends at the Standard Hotel in Downtown LA, decided to buck the holiday fleecing trend and throw a… ready for it… free party on New Year’s Eve. What a concept!

On the night of many choices, we offer one of our favorite settings, a pair of familiar and hugely entertaining DJs, a champagne toast – free too! – and our affable and enormously likable selves as hosts 😉

Tanner Ross and Sergio Santos were two of the four DJs responsible for our closing party at the Standard this past October, as SECT. You, our peoples, and the Standard Hotel loved their set so much, their presence was requested yet again. In the spirit of the drunken NYE camaraderie, the Boston boys will open up their record boxes and vaults and whip out the best of their eclectic stylings. Be ready for disco, pop, classic house and all kinds of other unmentionables.

To ensure easy entry, please RSVP here and come early – for a free party might prove a popular ticket in our double-dip recessionary times.