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Ibiza-Voice features Culprit LA. Great article by Tom Jones.

To read FULL text and to LISTEN to many tracks on Culprit click HERE.

New Years Eve Los Angles 2011

The festivus maximus is looming large on the horizon, threatening to sweep all common sense, reasonable behavior and last year’s resolutions out the door. ‘Tis the season of a million parties and, seemingly, of a million dollars flying out of wallets in all directions. We at Culprit, along with our friends at the Standard Hotel in Downtown LA, decided to buck the holiday fleecing trend and throw a… ready for it… free party on New Year’s Eve. What a concept!

On the night of many choices, we offer one of our favorite settings, a pair of familiar and hugely entertaining DJs, a champagne toast – free too! – and our affable and enormously likable selves as hosts 😉

Tanner Ross and Sergio Santos were two of the four DJs responsible for our closing party at the Standard this past October, as SECT. You, our peoples, and the Standard Hotel loved their set so much, their presence was requested yet again. In the spirit of the drunken NYE camaraderie, the Boston boys will open up their record boxes and vaults and whip out the best of their eclectic stylings. Be ready for disco, pop, classic house and all kinds of other unmentionables.

To ensure easy entry, please RSVP here and come early – for a free party might prove a popular ticket in our double-dip recessionary times.