Skype Outage LA

On December 22nd 2010, millions of Skype users worldwide were left uncommunicated due to server malfunctions. Latest updates state that the popular internet-communication tool should be up and running in the next couple hours.

“I don’t use phones. So you can imagine my day”.

On top of that… The horrible weather that LA has been through in the last 10 days has been completely out of control. Holy Crap! I don’t remember the last time it was raining for so long at a single place. This is quite a record, at least for me. Ohh… and I read on the cover of The Los Angeles Times yesterday, “a rainstorm that could result in its (SoCal) wettest December on record.”. Lucky me… Yeah right.

Tell me how Skype’s Outage or the current rain in LA has made your day better or worse by writing a comment below.