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Facebook Numbers GameFacebook users have recently began interacting in a way they had never before. We already know that hypes and trends pop-up from time to time within Facebook and this is NO exception.  The Washington Post reads, “The premise is simple: To start the game, someone tells everyone to send them a private message with any number they choose. Then the person can post a public message to that person using the number. Everyone will see the message, but the only two people who know what it’s about will be the original poster and the person who chose that number.”

U.S. users adopt technologies and social media trends faster than other countries. Take Mexico for example; Over 1000 of my Facebook contacts are located in Mexico and I haven’t seen a single one post on this topic. However, my friends in major U.S. cities like Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Chicago have made a significant impact on my awareness of this social media phenomena we know as “The Facebook Numbers Game”. Will it go global? I think it will. Mostly everything about Facebook is inevitably and unarguably global. Always.

Tesla Model SToday I discovered the Tesla Model S premium electric sedan.  It will be available on 2010 and you can put in a $5000 advance and this will reserve one for you. Features….Seating for 7. Acceleration 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds. Zero gas emissions. 45 minute quick-charge. 160, 230, or 300 mile range pack. Total price of the car is $49,000.  Wow! Sounds too good to be true! But it is! Reserve yours today HERE!

Today I began realizing a recent phenomena that is occurring as we speak on Facebook. For several weeks now, I have noticed that many of my friends on Facebook and myself, have changed our profile pictures to our World Cup Team’s jersey. I predict that halfway through the World Cup a large amount of Facebook users worldwide will be joining in this trend. You heard it here first.

I also believe that Facebook should donate (out of the kindness of their good hearts) a dollar for every t-shirt profile out there… to starving kids around the world. Global unity. Let’s make a difference! Everybody  LET’S wear those shirts…

Perhaps BP GLOBAL should do the donating.

What’s your team?

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