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No freeeeaaaaaagin’ way! I’m getting one of these. No doubt.

Pretty decent specs too…

What would be the first song you would play on the car’s stereo??

Click The Link on The Right, To Download DeLorean’s Official Specification PDF deloreanspecsheet

Zap Alias Outside Egyptian Theater

Today I was walking down Hollywood Blvd. when I noticed something very strange was happening at a not too distant corner, and so I walked to it. When I got there, I realized that several men were trying to get this odd-three-wheeled-vehicle onto the sidewalk. The only problem was that the vehicle was too low and they were having a hard time getting it up without it scratching it’s front end on the pavement. Some time passed and they used two large pieces of wood to lift it up a bit, and finally they succeeded. The vehicle drove 30-40 yards on the sidewalk till it reached the entrance of it’s final destination, “Grauman’s Egyptian Theater“. I investigated the vehicle and I found out the following things…

Egyptian Theater Electric Car by Zap

1) It is a solar, 100 % electric vehicle.

2) Its top speed is 85 mph.

3) It’s made by a company called Zap.

4) It features 3-passenger Euro-Racing seating

5) It is called the Zap Alias Electric Car.

You can reserve yours today for only $1000 dollars. To do so… Click HERE

Here are some never before seen pictures of the Alias in a real life pavement setting. I took all of these pictures today @ Hollywood & N. Las Palmas, SW Corner

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