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Palosanto presents "Cliserio" (left) & "La Dona" (right)

Palosanto is a 100% Mexican furniture brand that uses Guanacaste (Huanacaxtle or Guanacaxtle), ebony and other exotic woods to manufacture beautifully crafted pieces of furniture.

Coming in different shapes and sizes, Palosanto’s pieces are characterized by remaining true to the trunks from which they were conceived and the brand’s clean-cut craft lines. The wood’s original essence and intact devine forms, textures and design make Palosanto’s pieces stand out in ways and forms that go from modern and classic to chic and contemporary; resulting in gorgeous, unique, undupliacatable and irreplaceable pieces of furniture.

This is why Palosanto has become synonymous with versatility, design, style and character.

For more info on purchasing Palosanto furniture in the US and abroad please contact:

Palosanto USA

Here is a preview of Duran Duran’s new album “All You Need Is Now”. I found 5 songs on Grooveshark for all of you to listen to!!! The band has held on to their original essence while adding new production tricks to give the album the edge it needs to sound current.  Great stuff! Specially the track “All You Need Is Now” What a bomb!

The fastest roller-coaster in the world starts inside the largest indoor theme park ever. Wow. Thank you Ferrari. Ferrari World and its many, many attractions opened its doors to public a couple months ago. Get tickets HERE.

Below is a video of Ferrari Team Formula 1 drivers, Fernando Alonso & Felipe Massa riding the rollercoaster. Fernando’s face is totally hillarious.

(Oh and someone in the back loses their walet during the ride.)

Here’s something else… A picture of what the park is supposed to look like. Wallpaper size.

Preview of Ferrai World