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Try to find it. =) (It’s a very simple mistake but I find it amusing to know that one of the world’s leading authorities in news, would allow a typo long enough for me to notice it and even blog about it. lol.)

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Go get a six pack of Fat Tire.

Sit on your favourite couch.

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Breathe again.

The perfect way to enjoy this Sunday afternoon.



This is probably one of the rarest, if not, the rarest and most important moment in pop music history. Wow. Thanx to Desmond DSP Powell for bringing this to my attention.

Super Deep Compilation Album

Super Deep : 10 Epic Tunes To Keep You Calm

Music by; Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone, Simon & Garfunkle, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Arthur Russell, Townes Van Zandt and Elliot Smith.

Disco and Synth Pop Songs

I really love Thursdays. It is the day when I usually like to post the playlists I make, usually covering specific subjects; and today you’re in for a real treat!  I’ve been using things like Grooveshark and LastFM and Pandora lately and I’ve been stumbling upon (no pun intended) tons of really cool songs from the early golden ages of synth pop / discofunk. These need to be re-presented to the younger generations on the internet today. This is music from an era when there was no massive use of MIDI, quantization, autotune or anything of the sort. Grooves, soul, harmony, melody, lyrics… Real songs rather than beats or tracks. What happened to the golden days of music production when it was strictly about talent? Many of these songs I had heard before, several I didn’t know existed. The question is…. Which ones do you like?

The playlist includes tracks by artists like Midnight Star, Dazz Band, Chaka Khan, Cameo, Michael Jackson, Skyy, Sheila E, Thomas Dolby, Con Funk Shun, Ronnie Hudson, Slave, Prince and more…Click on either the image above or the image below (instructions) to stream the playlist on your browser immediately. No hazzle. I promise.

Comment below…. No need to be shy.

Tangerine Dream - 7 Letters From Tibet

In this classic from  the year 2000, Tangerine Dream gave us an amazing, ethereal & beautifully landscaped ambient masterpiece. Arguably one of the greatest ambient albums ever and as easily categorized as new age (even if the artists have made it clear that they dissaprove of such a term). This album is one of my favorite easy listening albums of all time. Great to listen to, while working, reading, cooking or meditating..

From Wikipedia: Tangerine Dream is a German electronic music group founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese. The band has undergone many personnel changes over the years, with Froese being the only continuous member.

You can listen to  Tangerine Dream’s, “The Seven Letters From Tibet”


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