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Hey everyone! I’m getting interviewed for Vicario Musique on! + Brand new 1 hour mix from yours truly with some really great jams by my friends and colleagues… You don’t wanna miss it! 7-9PM PST. (The interview part is in Spanish) Go to: and click where it says “Play”.

“Above The City” … Culprit’s most recent release has made it onto Beatport’s Top 100 Releases. The release includes songs by Nico Lahs, Lula Circus, Mark Chambers & Soho, Death on The Balcony, Clovis, Anthony Collins, Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss and Nikko Gibler (your’s truly). Please visit Beatport and support us by buying your favorite track off the compilation today. Heck! Ya’ might as well buy the whole album… You know you’re gonna LOVE it.

Listen to previews from the album on the Beatport player below.

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( – Jan. 26th 2011)

Nikko Gibler’s “Say You Care” is a dark, sleazy and infectious bomb. Its fat bass line beckons in wobbly percussion and atmospheric washes of melody that build up a tight rhythm. The result is a twisted bumper. The track builds to a solid marching beat and the injection of a trippy edge gives the track a hedonistic identity. The vocal is sleazy but it’s disparate tones hint at 4am depravity, making this an evocative dancefloor weapon. Support from Steve Lawler, Ivan Smagghe, Danny Tennaglia, Laurent Garnier, Matt Tolfrey, Inxec, Droog and more…


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Nikko Gibler – Summer 2010 / LA-MIA-NYC-ROM-BAR by nikkogibler


Kalimba Cappleton (Intro) – Nikko Gibler
Erotic Soul ft. The Writers Poet (Original Mix) – Gorge
Calling Africa (Re-Edit) – A.L.C.A
Shake Shake (Original Mix) – Massimiliano Toscano
A Sin (Original Mix) – Anthea, Celler
Tiger Tiger (Wobble Mix) – PhonoKemi
Sessy (Original Mix) – Anthea, Celler
Black Matter (Kevin Griffiths Basement Dub) – Paul Bowen
Imara (Original Mix) – Gorge
Hakunyo (Ray Okpara Remix) – Gorge, Andre Hommen
Hurt – Nikko Gibler
Pauline (Original Mix) – Marcin Czubala, Acumen
5AM Patrol (Original Mix) – Delph Meer
Come Dance With Me (Original Mix) – Alex Sosa
Ouija Board (Original Mix) – Ross Evana
Nightflight – Sascha Dive & Christian Burkhardt – February 2010 by  nikkogibler

All of You (Take 1) – Bill Evans
Superficial K (Ryan Crosson’s Backyard Remix) – Ecco & Justin Side
Cross Wind (Original Mix) – Gruber & Nürnbeg
Chicky Chicky (Original Mix) – Rodriguez Jr.
Pass the Percy (Original Mix) – Cozzy D
I Got Something (Original Mix) – Einzelkind & Nima Gorji
Zoo Comunale (Original Mix) – Marcin Czubala & Hugo
Hollyweird (Gibler’s Disfunctional Original) – Nikko Gibler
Ouija Board (Original Mix) – Ross Evana
Drunkin (Original Mix) – Dale & Daniel Dreier
I Got You (Original Mix) – Lucio Aquilina
L2 (Original Mix) – Martin Buttrich
Oh Yeah (Acapella) – Yello
Back In ’92 (Underminded Non-Vocal Mix) – Nikko Gibler
Yeah (Original Mix) – Size
All of You (Take 1) – Bill Evans