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El Tinieblo Mezcal Mexico

My favorite alcoholic drink just got a MAJOR FACELIFT.

That’s right. Mezcal El Tinieblo has redesigned their website and their brand image. As of 2011, this unique and exclusive mezcal, “El Tinieblo” will be available in a few major cities within the United States. It is already available at Tacombi @ La Nolita in New York City.

Tacombi – 267 Elizabeth Street – 917-727-0179 – New York, NY

For more info please visit ELTINIEBLO.COM or click on the image above. (Keep in mind the website is currently ONLY in Spanish. According to official sources, English and Italian versions of the website are on the way.)

If you are a liquor distributor and/or are interested in carrying mezcal El Tinieblo in your line of products, please contact an official “El Tinieblo” representative via e-mail by clicking here.


1 lb premium sirloin beef strips

3-5 large limes

1/2 cup of chopped purple onion

3 finely chopped green onions (raw)

1 large green pepper (deseeded and pre-skinned) (*Read TAMING process Below)

1 tb spoon montreal steak seasoning

1 handful of cilantro finely chopped

1 handful of cIlantro chopped

1 teaspoon of coarse sea salt

1 tablespoon of lemon pepper seasoning

1/3 cup tecate beer

3-5 tb of Worcestershire sauce

2 tb soy sauce

2 small haas avocados

1/2 serrano pepper (deseeded and finely chopped)

6-8 corn tortillas

1/4 bottle of extra virgin olive oil (750ml)


Step 1) Gibler’s Legendary Steak Marinade

Place Beef Strips, Purple Onions, Finely Chopped CIlantro, Beer and Lime Juice in Sealable Container.  Mix thoroughly. Splash evenly with Worcestershire Sauce. Add lemon pepper and montreal steak seasoning evenly and introduce in refrigerator for 1.5 hours.

Step 2*) Pancho Hendrix Taming Process

During your 1.5 hour wait, Take your organic green pepper and burn directly on fire-burner till you get the pepper burnt evenly throughout. Once the complete skin has been charred… Run the kitchen faucet with COLD water and start peeling off the burnt portion of the skin with your finger tips. You will realize that the pepper will now be soft, smooth and semi-cooked.  You will then take a sharp knife and you will cut it into 4 pieces. You want to remove all of the seeds and the central spine of the pepper, in order to have 4 smooth pieces to work with. Take these 4 pieces and cut into thin 1/4″ by 2.5″ slices. You should have about a fistful of “stringy-liked” green pepper strips. Put in bowl and store in fridge.

Step 3) The Hollywood Amigo’s Guacamole Deluxe Version #1

Peel both avocados, remove bones and use fork and knife to mash on flat plate. Mix your chopped cilantro and your finely chopped green onions into the guacamole. Mix evenly. Use salt & lemon pepper at will. Garnish with a fine thin swirl of olive oil and sesame seeds.

Let’s Get Cookin’ Good-Lookin!

Step 4)  El Guisado Especial del Compa

Hold your olive oil and pour a couple full-bodied squirts on a large saucepan. Not enough oil to leave a thick layer throughout the pan, but enough to have it moving around from side to side. Heat on a low flame for about 3 or 4 minutes. Once its hot enough, take your green pepper strips and dump them in your pan. It will sizzle. Throw your finely chopped deseeded serrano in there as well. Cook and move around for 7-10 minutes. Once you see that it’s all starting to look cooked and juicy, introduce your beef and all of the contents of the marinade into the pan. Turn the heat up a bit. Cook and toss for 15 minutes. Regulate the flame accordingly. You will notice that occasionally, the pan will get over saturated with water. This is due to the fact that the beef is losing that water and it’s excess that you don’t necessarily want. So when it gets too full, take it to your sink and carefully drain 3/4 of the liquid in your pan. Then take it back to the stove and turn up the heat to max power. Cook, cook, cook for another 5 minutes… Splash with soy sauce and keep cooking for another 4 minutes. Remember to be constantly stiring or your “guisado”will get stuck and burnt. Try a piece of meat. It is needs salt, add salt and toss it around some more till both optimum color and taste are reached. Remove from pan and set in rectangular pyrex. Garnish with fresh extra-finely chopped cilantro. Serve hot.

Step 5)  Las Tortillas del Maniaco

In a small saucepan about the size of a regular-sized tortilla, introduce 1/3 cup of Olive Oil. Slow cook till hot. Introduce each tortilla. One at a time. Flipping occasionally when desired color and texture is met.

Place all tortillas on plate with paper towl. Remove excess oil from tortillas and cover. Serve warm. Use for tacos.

Step 6) Sit back, enjoy and make some tacos!

Now you’ve finished. All you have to do now is cover each tortilla with a layer of guacamole, some beef, and a dash of lime juice. Garnish with any hot sauce available.