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Thanks to Prab Kumar at who writes a nice little piece about some of my current projects; the remix on Mexa Records and the song I gave away for free on Monday (Uncle Kram).  Ooooooooollllllllleeeeee!

Prab Kumar says, “Nikko Gibler is an artist on the ascent.” – “Not your average disc jockey.” – “Despite fitting the mold of top dj/producer/label boss nicely, Nikko is a unique musician.”

Awwwww! Thanks Prab. You’re the best!

Click on the image above or HERE to read the full article.


Try to find it. =) (It’s a very simple mistake but I find it amusing to know that one of the world’s leading authorities in news, would allow a typo long enough for me to notice it and even blog about it. lol.)

Temporary Piece #1: Honest

Temporary Piece #2 “Oh Lord Please Don’t”

Both pieces have vanished into thin air.  Thank you.

Everything Is Temporary

Oh Lord Please Don't

Take Your Mind

My first drawing. Ever. Spare the comments. I know its totally lame, but I just had to put it down on paper. Oh snap. Spiral of self-awareness. Leave me alone. This drawing came as a result of a song that I am currently working on with Maher Daniel. The song is untitled still but… this image sums up what I was feeling when I made up the words and recorded the vocals. bowcals. lowcals. locals. hollywood. just a hood. under the hood. SS. malibu. and we’re back. funny how life imitates art.